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what am id oing up

train of thought yeha

oh friendz umbrla and carz are nt gud i TOLD you i wouldnt b bal eot sleep with patrick walden over mah bedinmy mind. do you know how FUCKING SCARED i am right niw, is that fucker behind me o gad th eyez i tell you murderous and rapey knife and creepy o noes.

gt him away. PENTONVILLE rough, but locked yes?

help me someone i'm scared, maybe if i wear my hat to sleep and smell like gay boi sex he will think i'm peter and not touch me at all.
or punch me.

i dunno i staerted at my libertines poster to feel better and its not rly working. nothing is i'm so scared even with the lghts on...someone get me sword. hey guys hoiuse was gud.

fear of pwald. AHHHHHHH. srsly its not even funni anymore guyz ;-: sleep i need, but i cannot get. baby shambles h8 4eva

Tags: lololololol carlos barat's heelz, patrick walden gonna fuck u up:(
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